Why Blog?

I started blogging in 2007, and since then people have asked, “Why do you blog?” As we will explain, blogging: positions the author as a thought leader, drives traffic to your website, reinforces brand, and most importantly increases SEO, leads and sales.

Five reasons to consider blogging:

  1. Position as a Thought Leader. The best business blogs provide insights that help customers achieve their business goals or answers customers’ questions. Often, sales people discuss their frustration of answering the same questions over and over again, especially when it requires an in-depth explanation. Not only can a blog provide more details consistently, but it also positions an author as a thought leader which enhances their value proposition.
  2. Effectiveness. There are reports that B-B (Business to Business) companies who regularly blog receive 67% more leads / month. There’s also evidence that 57% of marketers believe they have gained customers by blogging.
  3. Drives Traffic. Blogging is most effective at driving traffic to your website. The content of blogs is indexed by the search engines and potential customers looking for suppliers type keywords into a search engine. Once you understand the key words used by your customers and prospects and the difference between long tail and short tail keywords, you can start moving up the rankings on the search engines and improve your SEO (search engine optimization).
  4. Converts Traffic to Leads. As more traffic is driven to your website, you can convert the traffic into leads. The key is mastering the call to action. Typically, the call to action offers an exchange of content (download whitepapers, infographics, free trials, etc.) for the person’s contact information and permission to contact them.
  5. Long Term Marketing Strategy. Marketing experts can point out the advantages of different marketing strategies. One problem, however, is that the vast majority are short-term advantages. Blogging is part of a content marketing strategy which only increases in effectiveness overtime.

Now when people ask me why I blog, I ask them we aren’t you blogging!